#WhyIWriteRomance, or Your Bitterness is Showing

#WhyIWriteRomance, or Your Bitterness is Showing

I’m supposed to be working. But instead I’m infuriated because my Twitter feed is full of quotes from some SFF author who says romance is a shitty genre and *bless the little women who put so much effort into writing it* but our products are crap. I haven’t even looked who it is because honestly… another day, another Author-with-a-capital-A being condescending. I really couldn’t care less about them. Continue reading →

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On Working from Home

working-with-laptop-3-1545962I love my job. I’m prefacing with that because I don’t say it enough, but I am quite literally living the dream. I get to write books, see them published, and know people buy them — enough people that I can afford to do this full-time. Long may it last!

Before I quit my job — not because writing was making me a bazillionaire, but because I was so damn sick of the place I couldn’t think, they’d laid off everyone at my level except me and doubled the workload at the same time, and they refused me the only pay rise I’d requested in six years when I was already being paid considerably less than the going rate for my position — I wrote around work. That meant writing until three or even four in the morning, then getting up at seven to be in the office for eight. I did that for two years and at the end of it I was exhausted, and barely managing two novels a year. When I had my hissy fit and quit, a world of time opened up before me. Continue reading →

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Party Time — My Second Anniversary #Prizes

Two years ago today, I left my day job for the last time. I’d been published just shy of two years by that point (my first book, Blood & Ash, was released on 26th June 2011), I had a #1 LGBT title under my belt (What He Wants), and I was feeling frustrated enough with my job brave enough to take the plunge.


That map shows every country in which I’ve sold a book since then. Continue reading →

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A Little Respect

I’ve not done a publishing post in forever. It’s not really what I talk about anymore. However, given even the NYT is weighing in these days, why not?

Everyone seems to be talking about Kindle Unlimited, an “all you can eat” way of getting ebooks. For $10 a month, Amazon will provide unlimited access to a library of some 700,000 titles. As an author, I can participate in KU by granting Amazon exclusivity and accepting whatever they feel like paying me for that right.

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WIP Sneak Peek, and Other Stuff

The Rainbow Awards 2014 are over, and I’m thrilled to announce The Dead Past was runner up for Best Gay Historical Romance!


From the Honourable Mentions:

~ “I was immediately hooked by the old-style English but perfect writing style of this first book of probably a series which I am going to definitely follow.”

~ “The author drew me completely into the setting to the point I felt like I was there.”

~ “A killer lurking in the shadows, traumatized man, blood, murder and homophobic people… It seems there is no place for love but the author managed to write a gripping love story. Love it!”

Hugo and Tommy are thrilled 😀 Continue reading →

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Parity Between Partners – Equality in M/M

So there’s been a lot of nonsense doing the rounds about women in m/m. Aren’t we bored of this yet? I’m not addressing the issue again, suffice it to say the day I stop being allowed to write about men is the day men stop being allowed to write about women, or aliens, or animals, or, y’know, anything except other men.

What I do want to talk about is an equally tired old argument I see bandied around time and again, that women like to write two men together because the relationship between two men is more equal than it is between a man and a woman.


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How #MonsterWritingWeekend Can Help You

So, anyone who’s been following me on Facebook or Twitter recently will have seen the hashtag #MonsterWritingWeekend cropping up. It started as a challenge I set with the awesome AJ Rose over Memorial Day Weekend, when we were bitching about how slowly the WIPs were progressing. We decided to challenge ourselves to the impossible: write 45,000 words in three days.

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Give me Latte, Watch me Write

Writer: noun. A person who transforms coffee into words.



So I got tagged by the lovely Anna Butler, whom I had the pleasure of spending time with at last year’s UK LGBTQ Romance Meet, in a post about writing methods. Apparently I’m supposed to tell you all about how I do what I do, and “wing it” is not an appropriate answer. Heh.

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WIP Sneak Peek – M/M/M AU Slaveworld

And now for something completely different… Here’s the first scene from my latest WIP, as yet untitled. It has yet to go though final edits so might be a little rough, but I thought it was about time I introduced Tam to the world 😀

TRIGGER WARNING: The scene itself is PG13 but we’re talking slaveworld here, so it’s dark, with short flashbacks alluding to rape/violence. Ye have been warned!

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The Wonder of Language

Recently on twitter I’ve been going back to my linguistic roots, using a #wordoftheday hashtag to list some of my favourite words. So far I’ve covered snaffle, oodles, squiffy, and peevish. My absolute favourite word? Machete. Don’t ask me why, I just like the way it sounds.

Words are powerful things. The old adage about ‘sticks and stones’ simply isn’t true; the pen really is mightier than the sword. Words can hurt, can cut, can kill. They can also inform, educate, and even make your toes curl if you get them really right. The evolution of language is the single greatest achievement of the human race for, without language, nothing else would have been possible. As I write for a living, words are my bread and butter. Every book you have ever read is just a different amalgam of 26 letters. It’s astonishing when you think about it.

So I’ve resolved to celebrate words more; enjoy them for their own sake. They don’t have to be fourteen syllables long or dry and dusty to be interesting. Language is fun, and working with language is the best. Twisting it, fusing it, creating something new (neologisms, if you really want the scientific name) from something familiar. Shake things up, be a bit kooky, and strive to say one word every day that makes you smile just to speak it.

Perhaps it’s because I’m just out of Editing Hell (it’s a real place), where I’ve been buried getting Match and my little contribution to The Kiss ready for publication. Now they’re done, I can go back to doing what I love best: writing. See the counter on the right —> ? I’m just over 23k into a 60k~ project and in the next few weeks you’ll see that number jump dramatically. I’m in the mood to play with words again.

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MATCH Deleted Scene

Yes my sweets, I am up to my eyeballs in editing and Match will be ready for a January release. Until then, here’s a short deleted scene to whet your appetite.

WARNING: Contains mild spoilers for Ace.

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What’s Going On?

As Four Non-Blondes once said 😉

I haz news, my sweets. Ace continues to release, with Parts Six, Seven and Eight coming in the next three weeks. Some of the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed Part Eight will be available a day early, from 01 September. That wasn’t a typo, as on that date I shall be boarding a plane and flying to my little croft in Scotland for my annual hermitage. I’ll be there until about the 10th, give or take, so it will be a bit quiet around here in the first half of the month, but fear not! – I will take my trusty writing pad and be working very hard on something entirely new… Match, the sequel to Ace.

Given my indefinite absence from such mod-cons as computers and ‘tinternet, I can’t give an exact date that the full collection of Ace will be available, but it will be around Friday 13th September (I laugh in the face of superstition!). There will be a definite announcement as soon as I’m back.

Match will be released only as a complete novel (c. 90,000 words) and I’ve got a tentative release date of mid-November, although I’ll update in more detail (cover reveal – squee!) nearer the time.

Until then, I’ll leave you with some photos I took on and around my croft last year. I can’t wait to be there again…

croft hermitage writer scotland scenery seal

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The Magic Bullet; or, Why Don’t My Books Sell?

It’s question every author wants to know the answer to – Why aren’t my books selling?

Image Credit

Image Credit

Some people struggle to get any traction, some struggle to get recognition, and whatever we’re selling, we all want to sell more. I have spent two years now lurking and participating in the places where authors (indie or not) congregate and discuss sales and marketing. It’s a refrain I hear over and over.
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A Sale, A New Vendor, and Other Exciting Stuff

It’s Read an Ebook week over at Smashwords, and to celebrate I’ve enrolled not one but two books in the promotion. Get 25% off What He Wants or a whopping 50% off Blood & Ash before the 9th March!

I also last week signed a contract with RainbowEbooks, and all my titles are now available there. They do frequent promotions and special offers, so it’s a site well worth bookmarking anyway.

And, in the most exciting news in the world…ever… I just approved the paperback of What He Wants. Production is rolling out now, so keep an eye out for details and maybe even a freebie or two in the coming weeks!

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