Contemporary, historical, and fantasy queer romance

Twisted Metal

03 Apr 2023 | Novella | 36000 | Contemporary-MM

Ollie Becker’s family fled Mason’s Landing, MO, 12 years ago, leaving everything behind—including Ollie’s boyfriend, Kane Wright. When Ollie returns, reeling from another devastating loss, he didn’t expect to find Kane waiting for him. But second chances aren’t simple when violence threatens to keep them apart. Can Ollie and Kane pick up the pieces, or is there nothing left but twisted metal?


Strait Laced

28th Nov 2017 | Novel | 83000 | Contemporary-MM

Philip Lomax is a man with ambition. Getting ahead in business doesn’t leave much time for fun. Go-go dancer and all-round bad boy Ben is his polar opposite but they can’t seem to leave each other alone. Will opposites attract in this standalone contemporary romance?

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What He Wants

28th Apr 2012 | Novel | 69000 | Contemporary-MM

Christo’s life fell apart when his partner of eight years walked out on him. A fling with sexy, arrogant Damien might be just what he needs to help him get over his ex. But letting someone in is never easy, especially when you’re two alpha men both used to being the boss.

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The Slave (Free Men, 1)

27 Oct 2014 | Novel | 64000 | Fantasy-MMM

When Tam’s master sends him to purchase a new slave, he never expected him to  return with Kai, an enemy soldier. At first both slaves are resistant to their changed circumstances, but as the three men grow closer, so too does the war raging around them.

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The Soldier (Free Men, 2)

27 Oct 2014 | Novel | 62000 | Fantasy-MMM

Freed from slavery and surrounded once more by his own people, Kai should have been happy. Yet his countrymen are not how he remembers them, and Kai no longer fits in. Beaten, starved, and tortured, when the chance comes to escape, Kai is barely strong enough to make the journey. Even if he succeeds, how could anybody ever love the thing he’s become in order to survive?

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The Master (Free Men, 3)

24 Nov 2014 | Novel | 60000 | Fantasy-MMM

Otiz lies in ruins. Kai needs help. All Lysander wants is to be left in peace. To recover from the horrors of his experience at the hands of his enemies. But with pressure piling up from every angle, peace is the last thing he’s likely to find. Suffocated by guilt, Lysander begins to spiral. How can he hold everything together, when inside he’s falling apart?

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Blowing It (Blowing It, 1)

23 Feb 2015 | Novel | 83500 | Contemporary-MM

Writing a YA bestseller was the worst thing to ever happen to Owen Barnes. Out and proud for years, he suddenly finds himself back in the closet. Building surveyor Magnus Cassidy is the first man to catch Owen’s interest in almost two years, and he’s not going to allow his agent to erase Magnus from is life. Can Owen find a way to reconcile his public and private lives, or has he already blown it?

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Balls Up (Blowing It, 2)

07 Jun 2015 | Novel | 108000 | Contemporary-MM

Owen Barnes’s life is finally going the way he wants it, so when he finds a lump, he buries his head in the sand. He has a hundred excuses to delay the inevitable and hide one simple fact: he’s scared. Eventually, boyfriend Magnus drags him to the doctor, and the news isn’t good. Can Owen cope with the unexpected turn events have taken, or is his perfect life about to go balls up?

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Dom on the Side (Blowing It, 3)

25 Jan 2016 | Novel | 100000 | Contemporary-MM

When a one-night stand makes Ryan Jessop a casual offer to introduce him to BDSM, he discovers in Jim a skilled Dominant. Sameer Farouk is the right guy at the wrong time, and as far as Ryan can tell, not kinky. Torn between them, Ryan must decide if he’s prepared to gamble everything on one man, or if he’d be better off with a vanilla boyfriend and a Dom on the side.

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The Dead Past (Puddledown Mysteries, 1)

21 Apr 2014 | Novel | 50000 | Historical-MM

Hugo Wainwright has been denying his attraction to men his whole life. When he stumbles over a murdered body in the woods, the ensuing investigation throws him in with Tommy Granger, the police inspector’s prime suspect. Certain of Tommy’s innocence, Hugo vows to clear the name of the man he’s falling for, but Tommy has his own secrets; secrets with deadly consequences.

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The Coward's Way (Puddledown Mysteries, 2)

11 August 2014 | Novella | 45000 | Historical-MM

Hugo Wainwright thought life in Puddledown had returned to normal, following the discovery of a murderer two months ago. Then the Viscount’s daughter goes missing, and more than one person is keeping a close eye on the cabin in the woods. As the net closes, Hugo has a decision to make: will he be brave, or will he take the coward’s way out?

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The Poison Pen (Puddledown Mysteries, 3)

05 Apr 2015 | Novella | 43000 | Historical-MM

There’s a crisis in Puddledown. Weeks before the wedding of Helena Fairfax and Walter Evans, a malicious poison pen writer is wreaking havoc. Closer to home, Hugo Wainwright has his own troubles–Tommy Granger’s family are visiting. When Hugo receives a note, Tommy starts to panic. Can Hugo uncover the author or will the veiled threats of an anonymous stranger drive him and Tommy apart?

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Ace (Brian & Lexi, 1)

13 Sep 2013 | Novel | 84000 | Contemporary-MM

At twenty-two years old, World No.6 and England’s No.1, Brian Scagill has the tennis world at his feet. Last year’s semifinalist, this year Brian enters England’s biggest tournament determined to win. A Grand Slam on home turf is calling to him and he’s not going to let anything stand in the way of victory – certainly not a cute Croatian who doesn’t even play in the same league.

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Match (Brian & Lexi, 2)

12 Jan 2014 | Novel | 83000 | Contemporary-MM

A year after his exit from England’s Grand Slam tournament, Brian Scagill has all but disappeared from the world of professional tennis, and doesn’t intend to return. A surprise wildcard might be his last chance to play on an international stage. Lexi promises they’ll take on the tournament together, as a team, but Brian knows better than anyone that on the grass, it’s every man for himself.

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Loose Lips & Relationships

25th Feb 2019 | Novel | 89000 | Contemporary-MM

Flaming, Missouri is the perfect place for police officer Marc Warren to heal his battered heart after a broken marriage. Local bad boy Grant has no interest in dating locals. Tourists are plentiful and don’t want more than he’s willing to give. Can Marc and Grant overcome their fears to fight for each other, or is their happiness destined to drown?

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Blood & Ash (Lost Realm, 1)

26th Jun 2011 | Novella | 36000 | Fantasy-MM

The witches have declared war on the fae, and threatened the life of Ash, the Realm’s young prince. To protect him, his brother does something unthinkable: he brings a vampire into the Realm. But Azrael has his own demons to fight, not least his growing attraction to Ash. Will he be able to defend him, or should Ash be more afraid of the vampire he’s fallen for?

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Fire & Ice (Lost Realm, 2)

5th Oct 2011 | Novel | 62300 | Fantasy-MM

Skye thought rescuing Ash from the witches and returning him to the Realm would keep him safe, but fae law forbids Ash’s relationship with the vampire Azrael, and Ash won’t rest until the law is changed. As Skye swears vengeance on the witches, the brothers set off on separate journeys, both thinking they are doing what is best for the Realm. But Ash is about to learn that loving against the odds isn’t easy; and Skye fears that for him, love alone might never be enough.

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Storm & Strike (Lost Realm, 3)

01 Jul 2013 | Novel | 58000 | Fantasy-MM

War has arrived… Exiled from the Realm, Ash seeks refuge among the vampires in the world. Encouraged by the witch Alyssia and driven by an idealistic desire to unite his home in harmony for the first time in his lifetime, he begins to build an army. When ideology isn’t enough, Ash knows he’s going to have to lead his troops into war. Witch, fae and vampire clash in an epic battle that threatens to destroy the very fabric of the Realm itself, and none will escape unscathed.

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Fenton: the Loneliest Vampire (A Lost Realm Short Story)

13th Jul 2011 | Short | 9300 | Fantasy-MM

One man’s quest for companionship, in a world obsessed with sex. It’s not that Fenton doesn’t love – he does, fiercely – but it’s never enough. He doesn’t understand the desires that move other men. That’s why Kali chose him. Kali knows that the blood is everything: the only true desire. And he intends to teach Fenton that too.

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The Rest of Forever

17th May 2012 | Short | 14200 | Contemporary-MM

When they were eighteen years old, Paul told his best friend he was in love with him. Scared and stupid, Jack ran away. Seven years later, haunted by what he lost, Jack returns, determined to claim the man who’s been his since they were four years old. But has he left it too late?

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"It's writers like Kate Aaron that really raise the bar for authors everywhere. Seriously, each book she writes is not only perfectly researched but she manages to weave with in the facts a story so beautiful you swear you're watching a movie, dreaming a wonderful dream, or in a blissful reality."

—Diverse Reader

"I must say as a 'first book reader' of this author Kate Aaron has ramped up her story, her writing almost poetry. I felt pain so deep, could hardly breathe.... Excellent read…wine and tissues needed!"

—Paranormal Romance Guild

"Kate Aaron is a master of her trade. She writes vividly with so much emphasis on detail and descriptions. I fell into the story easily and quickly because I could vision what was taking place. Objects in my perimeter fell away as I became so focused on the content of this story. This doesn’t always happen when reading a story but sometimes you are lucky enough to find one where it does happen and everything else pales in comparison."

—MM Book Escape

"The world Kate Aaron has created has sucked me in. Her characters have lodged themselves in my heart. And her words, her beautiful words, have made me a fan for life."

—Helena's Heat


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