The Truth About Religious Freedom

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I keep seeing news stories centered around the protection of religious freedom in America: indeed, there’s a case being heard by SCOTUS right now, brought by the chain Hobby Lobby, who want to exclude the provision of two contraceptive pills from their mandatory health care plan as the owners deem them abortifacients which  violate their religious beliefs.

bible 300x200 The Truth About Religious Freedom

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Don’t Destroy Fred’s Legacy #WBC #FredPhelps

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So Fred Phelps is dead. Ever since Nate Phelps, his estranged son, broke the news of his imminent demise, there’s been an outpouring of viciousness from our community, delighting in his death. Honestly, it’s a little bit sickening.

fred phelps wbc 300x173 Dont Destroy Freds Legacy #WBC #FredPhelps

The WBC made a name for themselves by picketing funerals, first of Matthew Shepard and any other LGBT people they could find, latterly of fallen US troops and LBGT(friendly) celebrities. They have caused untold distress to grieving families since at least 1998. Now one of their own — their figurehead, no less — is dead, the temptation to give them a little bit of tit-for-tat is almost overwhelming.

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Just Do It!

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Imagine the situation. You’ve got authors desperate for reviews on one hand, and review bloggers desperate for new books on the other. You’d think they’d talk to each other, right?

do it tomorrow 300x281 Just Do It!

Wrong. Only this week I saw a bunch of m/m bloggers talking on Facebook about how nervous they got approaching authors to request review copies of their work. Most, it seems, have had a bad experience with at least one author who called them freeloaders and told them to go away. Then again, a week doesn’t go by I don’t see authors afraid to approach bloggers for fear of being rejected. It seems a silly situation for all parties to be in.

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Cover Reveal: THE DEAD PAST #mmromance #gayromance

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I’ve been a busy bee working on an entirely new series, Puddledown Mysteries. Set in England during the years following WWII, cozy mystery meets historical m/m romance in THE DEAD PAST, Book 1, anticipated release 21 April 2014.

DEAD PAST cover 200x300 Cover Reveal: THE DEAD PAST #mmromance #gayromance


Puddledown, England

The year is 1948, the war is over and the evacuees have gone home, although rationing continues. For Hugo Wainwright, who escaped conscription and never had to fight for his country, very little has changed. He lives a quiet life away from the big cities, knowing his desires for other men will lead to disaster if he ever acts on them.

Tommy Granger spent his service on the battlefields of France. He experienced it all: the bloody horrors of war, and the chaos of Dunkirk. Finding employment as groundskeeper in the woods on the outskirts of Puddledown, he lives in solitude, trying to forget all the terrible things he’s seen.

When Hugo stumbles over a body not far from Tommy’s cabin, both men’s lives change forever. There’s a killer in the woods, and the townsfolk are sure Tommy is the culprit. Can Hugo clear the name of the man he’s falling for, or is the evidence against Tommy more than circumstantial?

Looking After Our Allies

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I’ve seen a lot of negativity from the LGBT community this week, following Jared Leto’s acceptance speech at the Oscars. Sadly, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before, and I’m not going to address the specifics of that instance here. Suffice it to say, sometimes we in the queer community have a problem accepting that there are cis straight people in the world who give a shit. And, no, they don’t always get everything quite right, but let’s cut them a little bit of slack. They’re trying, they’re learning, and sometimes they’re gonna make mistakes because our experience is not theirs.

Ally Looking After Our Allies

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So, This Happened…

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WHW ranking 300x182 So, This Happened...


I’m staggered. During my recent promotion, What He Wants rose to #253 in the US Kindle store (didn’t get a screencap of that, dammit, but did get it at #388), and #2 in LGBT books. Thank you to everyone who bought, shared, or reviewed the book during that time. You’re all rockstars!

#Sale! Get WHAT HE WANTS for $0.99 until 19Feb

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Yes, you heard that right. From 17-19th Feb *only* WHAT HE WANTS, the internationally bestselling no.1 gay romance, will be available for only $0.99. Call it a late Valentine’s gift icon smile #Sale! Get WHAT HE WANTS for $0.99 until 19Feb

WHW poster1 300x175 #Sale! Get WHAT HE WANTS for $0.99 until 19Feb

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Batten Down the Hatches…

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…the backlash is coming.

I’m talking about the battle for LGBT equality, which has picked up dramatically in recent years. Throughout the UK, Europe, and America, it seems there’s legislation and lawsuits being debated all over, and we’ve made incredible leaps and bounds. But sometimes it’s ‘two steps forward, one step back’.  There are only the barest handful of US states who haven’t already legislated LGBT equality (same-sex marriage; anti-discrimination laws) or who haven’t got such legislation being tabled right now. There are many reasons for us to celebrate, but it isn’t all plain sailing.

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Things That Piss Me Off

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Because those around me are getting bored of hearing me bitch icon smile Things That Piss Me Off In no particular order…

owl 300x214 Things That Piss Me Off

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WIP Sneak Peek – M/M/M AU Slaveworld

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And now for something completely different… Here’s the first scene from my latest WIP, as yet untitled. It has yet to go though final edits so might be a little rough, but I thought it was about time I introduced Tam to the world icon biggrin WIP Sneak Peek   M/M/M AU Slaveworld

TRIGGER WARNING: The scene itself is PG13 but we’re talking slaveworld here, so it’s dark, with short flashbacks alluding to rape/violence. Ye have been warned!

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