It’s time we talked about violence in m/m romance

CW: discussion of domestic abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner violence.

Almost a third of sexual minority men, and one half of women, report being a victim of domestic abuse. For psychological abuse the figure is even higher: over half of queer men and 75 percent of queer women report being victimised by a romantic partner. A 2013 study by the CDC estimated 4.1 million LGB Americans have experienced domestic abuse in their lifetimes.

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Understanding Sexuality in a Historical Context

History is not a monolith, and queerfolk have been around since before men started scratching hunting scenes on cave walls. Yet much of what we know of queer history comes from the voices of our oppressors. We have records of churches and governments condemning those who are other, of hangings and burnings and pillories. Living so often on the fringes, we have left precious little that is positive behind. For queerfolk throughout much of history, being invisible was the only way to be safe.

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Book Recs: Truman Capote

Capote was an American author, born in New Orleans in 1924. His parents divorced four years later and he spent the latter part of his childhood being raised by his mother’s relatives in Monroeville, Alabama. In one of those weird coincidences that are so common in history, in Monroeville Capote befriended the future novelist Harper Lee. If you’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird, you’ll recognise young Truman in Dill, a small, small boy who lives with his aunt and befriends Jem and Scout.