The Slave in Italian! Lo Schiavo Edizione Italiana!

The Slave in Italian! Lo Schiavo Edizione Italiana!


La libertà è solo un’illusione.

A ventisette anni, Tamelik è stato uno schiavo per più di metà della sua vita. Remissivo di natura, non puoi impedirsi di innamorarsi del padrone, che lo tratta con gentilezza.

Quando la padrona se ne va, Tam osa pensare che il suo amore sarà abbastanza per lui, finché non gli viene ordinato di comprare un altro schiavo.

Vorrebbe odiare Kai, perché è ribelle e ingrato, e appartiene alla stessa razza degli uomini che hanno assassinato la sua famiglia, ma soprattutto perché è destinato a diventare il suo rimpiazzo nel letto del padrone. Ma è difficile odiare un uomo che piange fino ad addormentarsi, sobbalza al più lieve tocco e arrossisce in maniera meravigliosa quando viene baciato.

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maggio 17, 2018

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Restraint by AJ Rose (Power Exchange 4) Now Available!

Restraint by AJ Rose (Power Exchange 4) Now Available!

Grab Restraint, the long-awaited new Power Exchange novel now at Amazon or Sea to Sky Books.


Who brings a Glock on a honeymoon?

Not retired detective Gavin DeGrassi. When his husband Ben asks who he plans to shoot, Gavin has no answer. They’re spending three weeks in Ben’s family cabin near Seattle, not chasing down bad guys. Or are they?

Ben finds evidence the car accident that claimed his parents’ lives more than fifteen years ago was not so accidental. To avenge the Haversons, Gavin dusts off his detective skills and unknowingly paints a target on their backs. Suddenly, Ben is the prime suspect in a crime and the message couldn’t be clearer: drop the investigation or suffer untold consequences.

Gavin will stop at nothing to ensure Ben’s safety and bring the Haversons’ killers to justice, but without help, they’re sitting ducks. Gavin must make unlikely allies in his quest to clear Ben’s name and stop a ruthless crime syndicate. But with his loyalties divided, how far is too far in his quest for justice?

Restraint is a whole new chapter in Ben and Gavin’s lives and it’s an absolute powerhouse of a book. For those of you who skipped Consent, fear not, Restraint can be read without needing to know what happened in the previous book.

Fall in love with Ben and Gavin all over again as they take on an entirely new adventure, delve into Ben’s past, and make some unlikely friends along the way.

Not started the Power Exchange series yet? Now’s your chance. The first novel, Power Exchange, is only $0.99 until Sunday from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Sea to Sky, so grab your copy now!

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Strait Laced Paperbacks Now Available

Strait Laced Paperbacks Now Available

*makes hearts for eyes*

It took a little longer than expected but Strait Laced paperbacks are now available from Amazon and other online retailers.

Opposites attract

Set in contemporary Manchester, UK, this very British romance between uptight businessman Philip and gogo dancing bad boy Ben is a “believable story of two men attempting to navigate their way across a rather wide class divide.” [Michael Joseph]

Passions ignite

They shouldn’t have anything in common, but they can’t leave each other alone. “The connection between these guys is so intense, they are so romantic and incredibly sexy together…” [Joyfully Jay]

Secrets revealed

“The flow of watching Philip unwind, the story of why he is how he is, is so worth the read, while our Ben grows to understand acceptance is a two-way street…” [Paranormal Romance Guild]

Happily ever after

“This is a really lovely romance that I enjoyed every moment of—well written with engaging, compelling heroes.” [Cat of Cat’s Books]

Philip Lomax is a man with ambition. Getting ahead in business doesn’t leave much time for fun. Relationships aren’t part of his plan, and falling in love will have to wait.

Go-go dancer and all-round bad boy Ben is his polar opposite but they can’t seem to leave each other alone.

While Philip’s certain nothing can come of it, Ben is determined to prove Philip isn’t as strait-laced as he appears. Will opposites attract in this standalone contemporary romance?

Buy Strait Laced now in paperback, or ebook from Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Scribd,  Kobo, or Smashwords

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Puddledown Mysteries, Now Available from iTunes and Barnes & Noble

Puddledown Mysteries, Now Available from iTunes and Barnes & Noble

Welcome to 1940s England. World War II is over, but for two very different men, peacetime brings its own perils. Set in small town England, this trilogy follows the adventures of Hugo and Tommy as they foil a murderer, solve a mysterious disappearance, and track down the sender of a series of poison pen letters. Three cozy mysteries, served with a side of forbidden love in a series rich in historical detail and local colour. Take a trip to Puddledown today!

puddledown mysteries trilogy

The Dead Past (Book 1)

AmazonB&N | iBooks | Scribd | Smashwords

The Coward’s Way (Book 2)

AmazonB&N | iBooks | Scribd | Smashwords

The Poison Pen (Book 3)

AmazonB&N | iBooks | Scribd | Smashwords

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Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

The world is fractured. I think we all know this, but Twitter brought it home jarringly this week as news broke of the bombing in Manchester. More specifically as right wing Americans pounced with delight, too overjoyed their prejudices were confirmed to bother hiding their ghoulish glee. Continue reading →

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