slave free men cover

The Slave Free Men Book One

27 October 2014 | Novel | 64000 | Fantasy-MMM

When Tam’s master sends him to purchase a new slave, he never expected him to  return with Kai, an enemy soldier. At first both slaves are resistant to their changed circumstances, but as the three men grow closer, so too does the war raging around them.

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kiss antho cover

The Kiss (An Anthology of Love and Other Close Encounters)

15 January 2014 | Anthology | 130000 | Miscellaneous

A kiss is a simple communication. It can also be an exchange, a betrayal, an assault, a promise, a hope…or it could be a goodbye. The intimacy of a kiss cannot be denied. Whether shared, stolen or simply dreamed of, its recipient will be affected. Thirty-one stories by authors from around the world will tease your imagination as you anticipate ‘The Kiss’ in each weird or wonderful tale.

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TROF cover

The Rest of Forever

17th May 2012 | Short | 14200 | Contemporary-MM

When they were eighteen years old, Paul told his best friend he was in love with him. Scared and stupid, Jack ran away. Seven years later, haunted by what he lost, Jack returns, determined to claim the man who’s been his since they were four years old. But has he left it too late?

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