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“Intriguing characters, a fascinating world for them to live in and a storyline that grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let me go pushed this story to the top of my favorites list and it’s one I will read more than once.” — Love Bytes ★☆★☆★

“I was hugely impressed with this story.  Aaron gives us such incredible depth and complexity to these characters and it is all just perfectly unpacked throughout the book.  I loved all three of these men together and I truly enjoyed seeing their relationship grow and develop. They are sweet and oh so sexy and I can not wait to see how their adventures continued.” — Joyfully Jay ★☆★☆★

“I am emotionally spent from this story. OMFG!! I can honestly say out of my thousands of books, I have never EVERRR encountered an ending so brilliantly and masterfully done. My stomach literally feels as though it is in my throat the last ¼ of the book. Kate Aaron you have just rocked my world.” — MM Good Book Reviews ★☆★☆★

“Fantastic fantasy and sexy as sin, The Slave is just that little bit different and highly addictive. ” — On Top Down Under ★☆★☆★

“There are stories that just suck you right into their world, and this was definitely one of them.” — The Blogger Girls ★☆★☆★

“If there’s one series you should fall into IT’S THIS ONE! It will blow your mind, have your heart pounding, and every fiber of your being vibrating. I loved every second of this amazing story! Every second!” — Diverse Reader ★☆★☆★

“From the first lines, I was enamored, intrigued, scared, hopeful… I was hooked.” — Literati Book Reviews ★☆★☆★

“This book is both incredibly hot and heartbreakingly tender. The dynamics between the three men took my breath away.” — Helena’s Heat ★☆★☆★

 *ARe price reduced from midnight (local time) 01 March to 03 March.

Kate Aaron

Born in Liverpool, Kate Aaron is a bestselling author of LGBT romances. Kate swapped the north-west for the midwest in October 2015 and married award winning author AJ Rose. Together they plan to take over the world.