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It’s time we talked about violence in m/m romance

CW: discussion of domestic abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner violence.

Almost a third of sexual minority men, and one half of women, report being a victim of domestic abuse. For psychological abuse the figure is even higher: over half of queer men and 75 percent of queer women report being victimised by a romantic partner. A 2013 study by the CDC estimated 4.1 million LGB Americans have experienced domestic abuse in their lifetimes.


More Sex, Please

Recently on Facebook, I saw three separate conversations, all about the same thing. One was an author asking how much sex was appropriate for a book of X length (basically, did it need more than she’d written). Another was a different author asking if a book needed depictions of full penetration, or if other sex acts were enough given the length of the title in question. And the third was a reader saying she was X percent into a book and the MCs hadn’t had sex yet, but she hoped they would soon.

Spot the lowest common denominator?


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