So we were two days before Christmas and just discovering the joys (and perils) of oil painting. AJ and I learn fast. We decided to watch The Grandeur of Summer, an hour-long Bob Ross special where he goes through every step of the painting for beginners like us. With hindsight, we probably should have watched that first. Oops.

Armed with a thinner coat of paint on our canvases and a couple of better brushes, we set to work on our second painting in two days: Golden Glow. Here's what we were aiming for:

bob ross golden glow

This time we shouted less at Bob, and listened more. There were no mistakes, but maybe one or two happy accidents.

I'm pleased with this one. Watching the hour-long episode and figuring out some of the mistakes we'd made at the start made a massive difference. This time when we blended the paint or added new layers, it looked like it was supposed to.

Because AJ doesn't like yellow she did her own version, and renamed it Winter Glow.

aj rose winter glow

Next time, we start with a black canvas. Don't miss it!

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Kate Aaron

Born in Liverpool, Kate Aaron is a bestselling author of LGBT romances. Kate swapped the north-west for the midwest in October 2015 and married award winning author AJ Rose. Together they plan to take over the world.