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Serial Killers and the Ex-Gay Movement

I’ve broached this subject before. Ex-gay organisations are up in arms over an episode of Criminal Minds that this week featured a serial killer who’d undergone sexual conversion therapy.

The show portrays members of the ex-“gay” community as ticking time bombs who are potential serial killers…It is obvious that the ex-gay movement has become such a threat to the homosexual agenda that their allies in the media and entertainment industry now feel they have to work so diligently to discredit us…

Oh, boo hoo. Everything’s a conspiracy, isn’t it?

notexgay-300x79 Serial Killers and the Ex-Gay Movement

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GayRomLit and ‘Must-Have’ Authors

Apologies for the double-post today, but this one couldn’t wait. I’m sure some of you by now have seen the recent press release from GRL regarding the registration for October’s con in Atlanta. For those of you who haven’t see it yet, here’s the highlights.

GayRomLit is an annual reader-focused retreat dedicated to the celebration and advancement of LGBT romance. Designed by authors for readers, GRL’s mission is to connect readers to the authors they love and the ones they have yet to fall for within a safe, supportive, affordable, and fabulous environment. Our motto is that GayRomLIt [sic] is where romance comes out and the tribe comes together. [Emphasis mine]

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Awesome review from The Novel Approach

Usually my Google Alerts bring me nothing but Lost fanfic (Kate/Aaron) and torrents. Today, however, the Great God Google hath delivered a lovely review of The Rest of Forever from The Novel Approach.

Jack Campbell and Paul Adams tried their hardest to rip my heart out through my tear ducts, and I liked it. No, I more than liked it. I loved this small gem of a story of life-long friends who were so very right for each other…

Thanks, Lisa!

And, as an aside, I’ve been doing a bit of reviewing of my own. Hop on over to Only True Magic to get the lowdown on a madcap m/m crime comedy caper that really is a Big Deal.

UK Passes Marriage Equality

Yesterday was a bit of a write-off for me. The UK House of Commons was discussing the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill from 12.30pm right up to the vote at 7pm. I followed the entire thing as it happened.

Now this was already a done deal. Enough MPs had said in advance they were voting for the bill that we knew we’d won. It was simply a case of seeing how big our majority was going to be. But before that, for six and a half hours, over seventy MPs from all parties and levels and of all ages and backgrounds were given four minutes each to present their own reactions to the bill. It was the content of those four-minute speeches that really struck a chord as I was following this debate; the number of out gay and bisexual MPs who spoke movingly of what this bill means to them in particular. I have never been as proud of UK politicians as I was yesterday listening to some of them speak.

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Gay Men and Women

I was out in Manchester on Saturday, for the first time since Pride. God, I love the Village. It reminds me of my godforsaken youth, of three magic years when I lived there and going out was essentially my life. I’m a scene queen, I admit it. And despite so, so much of it that has changed – since I lived there, since I was last there – so much of it is the same. I met old friends and new, I went to some of my favourite haunts from the bad ole days and I went to bars and clubs that have been rebranded, reopened a dozen times or more since I called that place home.

But some things never change. The attitude of some of the men there to women, for a start.

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Website Launch

Welcome to my new website! I’ll be running a ‘soft’ launch over the next few weeks, so I might still be tweaking different elements. If you’ve arrived here from my old blog then fear not, I will still be updating it. I’m splitting the two to make them each slightly more focused – Only True Magic will remain all about books, so look there for reviews and recommendations. This site will be more personal, dedicated to queer theory, my writing and my not-so-occasional rants 🙂

Part of the reason for moving was vanity, I admit. Part of it was also to enable me to be slightly more interactive. If you want to contact me directly, you now can – just email author [at] or fill out the Contact Form.

And don’t forget you can also catch up with me at Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter. So until my next post, enjoy!