With Friends Like These… The #AllRomance Debacle

So the news is now out that All Romance Ebooks, a beloved specialist retailer adored by many an m/m reader and author alike, is closing its doors for good. The new hit yesterday afternoon, to shock and disappointment across our genre. Sentiments that quickly turned to anger when we read the email we received (or, in my case, the email others posted on social media; mine seems to have got lost in the post). Continue reading

You Don’t Owe Me A Review

It’s been a fact since before I was published that authors these days love reviews. It’s another fact that readers love to leave reviews — sites like Goodreads have created an entire reviewer industry out of ordinary, everyday readers. No longer do you need a doctorate in literature in order to bestow your lofty opinion from the hallowed pages of the Times Literary Supplement. These days, anyone with an internet connection can review whatever they read, however they like. Continue reading

Don’t Impose on My Romance

I’m going to add my $.02 to Alec’s post and AJ’s follow-up. This started as a simple thread on G+ yesterday, but it brought up some issues that have been circulating for a while. With the caveat that we’re all entitled to our opinions, and I know mine won’t be popular with some, I’m going to state them anyway.

holding hands Continue reading