Hate Begets Hate

Some of you may be aware of an incident that occured the other day at Seattle Pride, where a street preacher was attacked by an attendee. While I would never condone resorting to physical violence to solve a problem… Is anyone really surprised that something like this happened? Wasn’t it inevitable?

Just think for a moment of all the abuse LGBT people put up with, day-in and day-out. I’ve been to Prides, I’ve lived in the gay ghetto, dealing with the haters has been a commonplace in my life. Sadly, it’s a commonplace in all our lives. Whatever we do, wherever we are, there’s always someone who wants to judge.


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A Wave of Nausea

So I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard of the latest kerfuffle from JesseWave. A nasty little blog post bitching about mf content in mm romances. What Wave wants, apparently, is a trigger warning for every occurrence of het sex  in books sold as mm, in order that she and her ilk can avoid them. Well since when did straight sex become a trigger up there with rape, incest, underage sex and taboo practices?

Why are M/M readers treated so disdainfully? Are we not on par with het romance readers? M/M romance has been around for a decade, so why can’t our authors get it right? Clearly we are not respected because if we were this wouldn’t happen, and so often. Would authors insert graphic gay sex scenes in het romances? Not f*****g likely…

You know why most authors won’t insert graphic gay sex scenes into het romances? Bigotry. That’s why. Because the mainstream consumers of het romance would find it squicky to see two men or two women getting it on. I’m old enough to remember the days when a side character (the Token Gay) having even one weeny, fleeting little kiss, was enough to see a film slapped with an 18, or at least a 15, certificate. Suffer the little children – no one wants to see that!!


Storm & Strike – Lost Realm #3 – RELEASED!

Woop! And therein ends my post. Heh. It’s 5.25am which makes it (about) midnight on 01 July 2013 (in New York. Or somewhere. I’m claiming it) and finally, finally, the waiting is over. I proudly present Storm & Strike. War has arrived… Exiled from the Realm, Ash seeks refuge among the vampires in the world. Encouraged by the witch Alyssia and driven by an idealistic desire to unite his home in harmony for the first time in Read more…

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Hop Against Homophobia #HAHAT #IDAHO

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Welcome to the hop! Firstly the admin stuff for those new to this. The main purpose of the hop is to generate publicity for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) on May 17th. As readers and writers of queer romance to boot, it is also a chance for us to stand together as a community and fight discrimination against our work. Only in its second year, already the hop is garnering a lot of interest and participation and I for one am proud to be a part of it. I’ve got a series of blogs planned to run over the course of the hop, addressing everything from current events to personal experience and literary theory. There’s also some prizes on offer so be sure to read on!


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Spring Has Sprung!

It’s official. We’ve had two or three days of gorgeous, balmy weather and this morning I saw the year’s first butterfly in my garden (a beautiful pale green Brimstone). Which got me wondering again about this creature, that I spotted in my garden at the end of September last year. Any ideas what it is?? I’m not one for the heat – too warm and I’m only to be found indoors, in the dark, panting Read more…