As Madonna once said. #Earworm

I have a boarding card in my grubby mitts and I’m officially checked in for my flight tomorrow (Manchester to Inverness, I really shouldn’t be so excited about it). The entire series of Ace is now live across Amazon, ARe, RainbowEbooks and Smashwords, and trickling through various suppliers to all my other outlets – check out my link page for more info.

While I’m away, I have plans. You may have noticed the little counter on the right —> 8k into an 85k target for Match, the second novel in Brian and Lexi’s story. I expect that number to increase dramatically upon my return.

For those who haven’t followed the series, hang on to your pants because the complete collection of Ace is being published as a full novel (84,000 words) on 13 September 2013. More details when I return!

Until then… happy reading!

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