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The God Complex

The leader of an ‘ex-gay’ Kansas City prayer group, has just been named as a suspect in the alleged murder of his wife. According to ex-members of the group – part of the virulently anti-gay International House of Prayer “charismatic movement” – he feared that his wife was about to report the systematic abuse that she had been subject to under the guise of ‘spiritual experience’. One of the claims was that she was drugged with anti-psychotics while he engaged in sexual activity with the male members of the group.

A week ago a Minnesotan pastor was charged with eight felony counts of sexual assault on men during ‘ex-gay’ therapy sessions. It seems like every other month some anti-gay pastor is caught in flagrante delicto in a men’s room.

What on earth is going on?

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Modern Misandry

It’s the done thing these days to bash men. Historically men – white, heterosexual, Western men in specific – have always been the elite, they’ve trampled over every other demographic in the world and reigned supreme for hundreds of years. They’ve invaded every nation under the sun, they’ve formed exclusive clubs, they’ve bullied and discriminated and generally made sure that everyone who wasn’t like them was thoroughly downtrodden.
sensitive Modern Misandry

Well no more, those men are finally getting what was coming to them.

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