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Perpetuating the Myths

I’m talking gay stereotypes. The bulldyke, the screaming queen. You know them, I know them. Heaven forbid anyone should write about them. Because, y’know, they’re stereotypical. Most gay people aren’t like that. Most gay people hate to be associated with people like that. Most gay people are ordinary men and women just like you and me who feel no particular urge to fill their lives with glitter and sparkles.

How dull for them.

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Queering Sherlock Holmes

I know, right? I can practically see the eyes rolling. “Pick something difficult!” the people cry. “Set yourself a challenge.”

Face it, Holmes and Watson have been done to death. I know it, you know it, we all know it. ‘Nuff said, right? Wrong. Because I was involved in a discussion on a forum recently that suggests that actually most people don’t know what’s queer about them at all. It’s like received wisdom: everyone sniggers and says they’re a couple, ergo they must be. But most people couldn’t tell you why. Here’s what someone actually said to me about the Holmes canon:

I could be made to believe there is a romance relationship subtext to S and W but I have never read the stories looking for the “clues” to that before…and having no knowledge of the cultural hints of the period I bet I’d miss it all even if I was looking for it. Though obviously, I’ve heard the claim made before, just never substantiated.

Well fret no more, and allow me to substantiate away…

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