Great Expectations: 2017

So, 2016 was crappy. I released one book, Dom on the Side, and while I’m pleased with it, I wanted to do more. *hangs head* But this will not be a post about The Year that Must Not Be Named. Instead, here’s what I’ve got planned for 2017.

Strait Laced

A brand new story to start the year, an uptight businessman meets a tattooed bad boy and all hell breaks loose. I’m writing Strait Laced on Wattpad and updating as I go along, so scoot on over to check it out.

Sub on Top

The sequel to Dom on the Side, and the second prequel to my Blowing It series. This book is about 60% written right now, so look for it around late spring.

Bottoms Up

The final Blowing It book from Owen’s POV. I’m anticipating a release this summer.

Late 2017…?

According to my schedule (ha!) I’ve got space for a couple more novels before the end of the year. While I don’t like to commit too far ahead, expect more stories in the Strait Laced world.

French Translations

I’ve also branched out into other languages. The French editions of The Slave and The Soldier are available now, with The Master coming in the next couple of months. Blowing It and Balls Up will follow by summer.

As ever, thank you to everyone who buys my books, enjoys my stories, leaves reviews, and reads this lil ole blog of mine. I tag these posts “living the dream” because that’s exactly what I’m doing, and it’s you who makes that happen. Here’s to a bold and bright 2017 for all of us.

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