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So, AJ Rose and I are officially Mrs & Mrs. Because I entered the US on a fiancee visa, we had a deadline by which time we had to get married, which meant less planning a big event and more rushing to the courthouse. The US government doesn’t do romance. 😉

My family and a couple of friends flew over from the UK and have been here all week. It’s been a non-stop round of shopping trips (cheese in a can needs to be seen to be believed) and visits to the zoo, crazy golf, and goodness knows where else. We’ve also eaten our own weight in chips fries.

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AJ and I got the license the week before, and not even the fact I’m on it as “Mr Aaron, Groom” could piss me off. We were married by a judge who was very nice, even if he did race through the ceremony at the speed of light. Another (same-sex!) wedding party got a bit overexcited and barged in during our wedding but they soon hurried back out again. And when we came out of the courtroom, one of the employees started applauding us (although she didn’t have much luck getting the people waiting for *actual* court to join in).

And then we were married 😀

12191818_10154199430118943_6538561000521367416_n1-255x300 What A Day

Seriously, the response on Facebook, Twitter, here on my blog, everywhere, was overwhelming for both of us. There wasn’t time to thank everyone personally (and I lost track of all the notifications after about ten minutes) but we read all the comments and just… thank you.

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4 replies on “What A Day”

  1. Jaycee Edward says:

    I got married at the courthouse too. Our judge had called out sick so we had to wait for another judge to get here from about an hour away. Instead of making us stand in the hall, they had us sit in the back of the courtroom. That was awesome (I hate wearing heels) until they started bringing the criminals in. Eventually the baliff came in and said, “We’re going to swear you all in as a group instead of individually to try and save time since we’re running very late this morning, so would everyone stand and raise their right hand and repeat after me…” We were all looking at each other like, “We don’t have to do this, right???” So, I like to joke that not only did we exchange vows, but we were read out rights too. Heh. Soooo many congrats to you and AJ. (And yes, cheese in a can is amazing. And it will make dogs do almost anything you want.)

  2. AnnAlaskan says:

    Congratulations to both of you! Here’s to a future TOGETHER full of laughter .. fun … chips & fries & cases of cheese in a can! ROCK ON as ONE!

  3. I am just so thrilled. Now you can take your time to plan the party lol YAY!!!! I love you, Kit Kat. You and Jellybean mean the world to me! xoxo

  4. Congratulations to you both. My Husband and I where married this past August after being together 9 years.

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