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Censorship (Again) in Erotica

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the news. A small shitstorm started in the UK about ‘obscene’ ebooks depicting underage sex, bestiality, (pseudo) incest and rape fantasies has grown in the last few days to an all-out war on indie books. Some genius apparently went to WH Smith’s online store (powered by Kobo) and typed in “daddy”. You can imagine the results.

In the last two or three days major retailers have responded with almost unprecedented enthusiasm. WH Smith shut down their entire ebook store; Kobo have pulled all self-published titles pending a review of each one, and Amazon have also started taking down books, sending authors cryptic non-compliance notices and allegedly removing copies of those titles from the Kindles of customers who have legitimately paid for them. If you click on the Kobo links for my own titles right now, you’ll find them ‘Not Currently Available’.

kobo-300x213 Censorship (Again) in Erotica

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Nanny Doesn’t Always Know Best

Some of you may have seen a (very quiet) announcement in the news that by the end of the year, the majority of British ISPs will block access to pornographic content unless a homeowner opts in to receiving it. There are a multitude of reasons why this is a Very Bad Thing, and why we should all be worried.

1. Who voted for this?

Not me or you, or anyone in fact. This is a deal that has been struck under the table between senior politicians and the ISPs. Commercialism over Democracy. Whatever the measure, whatever the cause, we should all be concerned about sanctioning such methods. Today it’s ISPs being bullied into blocking porn; tomorrow… who knows?

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“The World’s Shame”: Catholicism and Sexuality

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have heard about the downfall of Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the Catholic church’s highest ranking UK official.

rosary-300x201 "The World's Shame": Catholicism and Sexuality


A week ago, four men (three priests; one ex-priest) came forward alleging the Cardinal had behaved inappropriately towards them. The claims dated back to the 1980s. The Cardinal denied the claims at the time. Then a fifth priest emerged, with a claim as recent as 2001.  The Cardinal brought forward his retirement plans and resigned immediately. Then, this weekend, the Cardinal confessed.

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When Sex Gets Boring

Yes, really. In certain circles, there seems to be a general malaise with the standard tropes of m/m sex. Anyone who’s dabbled even slightly in the genre will know exactly what I’m talking about – a trope best described as 1-2-3-lube. If you don’t know, don’t ask!

Sometimes, it seems like every book contains the same damn scene. And while it might have been hot as hell the first time I read it, after the hundredth it’s just…boring.

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Drawing the Line

In June 2011 when I first published Blood & Ash, no-one knew me. The wonders of anonymity – I could wander out into the big, bad world and do as I pleased. That is no-longer the case. A year and a half down the line, my identity has been compromised; the line between my fiction and my reality blurred. As an author – rather than just Kate-who-wrote-a-book – I try to keep some distance between my everyday life and my online life.

We all do, because we’ve all heard horror stories of fourteen year olds who announce a birthday party on Facebook, only to have the house trashed when three hundred twenty year olds gatecrash; or individual cases like the editor who got carjacked by an irate author whose book she rejected – who found her by stalking her on Twitter. This stuff happens.

So where’s the line?

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What is (Gay) Sex?

Dur, right? I’m a bit old for the talk about the birds and the bees.

Or am I? As a gold-star dyke, according to some people’s definition of what sex ‘is’ I could well be considered a virgin. But that’s my business, right? What I do and who I do it with is irrelevant to everybody else so they can all keep their beaks out. As long as I’m not breaking the law, it’s all good.

Except when the government gets involved.

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Heteronormativity and the Myth of the ‘Gay Lifestyle’

“…the gay lifestyle is incompatible with happiness and fidelity in human relations.” British broadcast journalist Simon Fanschawe.

How many times have we heard that expression, the “gay lifestyle”. What, exactly, is it? We know what our detractors say, we’re promiscuous and immoral and obsessed with sex and youth. We’re all fundamentally flawed, broken; the gay lifestyle is incompatible with happiness. We’re deeply, deeply miserable (excuses for) human beings who adopt a happy, campy air in order to sucker the next generation into our vast whirlpool of misery and self-loathing. The gay lifestyle is nothing if not self-propagating.

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Sluts, Straights and Stereotypes

I hate the word slut.

More than hate; I despise it, I detest it, I loathe it. It is a horrible, judgemental, prejudiced word. It’s one of those words that says far more about the person using it than the person it’s addressed to. When I see reviews like the ones below, I have to grit my teeth to stop from screaming.

…of course A’s always been lying to B and was just as slutty even if he isn’t a cheater slut whore…

…And over half way in all I know about the MC is he’s a slut and apparently is such a parting slut he flunked hos [sic] way out of art school. And he [sic] very slutty … Still barely know slut besides his level of sluttyness just keeps getting worse…

[The MC] was an unlike able slut IMO. Reading all of his slutty thoughts got old really quick. The whole story is pretty much slutty thoughts and remembering past lovers and orgies…And of course there was no chemistry or emotions. Just two sluts fucking in the desert because they’re both hot…

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Morality in Fiction

speech Morality in FictionThere is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written, that is all.

So said Oscar Wilde during his trial in 1895. Of course, he’s right. A book is fiction, it’s not real. It’s no indication of the real life intent or lifestyle of either the reader or the author.

Except that it is.

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