Spot the Agenda

I’m bored of hearing about the ‘homosexual agenda’. It seems we can’t turn on the TV anymore without hearing someone from the right wing spluttering about agendas and liberalism and the sheer unfairness of it all.


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Child Murder and Not-so Christian Parenting

I feel like I’ve not had a rant on here in the longest time… Heh, that’s writing for you. I’ve been busy locked in the Writers’ Cave (it’s an actual place) working on Match, but when news of a certain book currently being sold at reputable retailers everywhere reached my ears, I decided to climb out of the coffee-coma and fire up the old blog. You see, this book has got me pretty riled up. And what is it? Why, a “Christian” parenting guide.

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Censorship (Again) in Erotica

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the news. A small shitstorm started in the UK about ‘obscene’ ebooks depicting underage sex, bestiality, (pseudo) incest and rape fantasies has grown in the last few days to an all-out war on indie books. Some genius apparently went to WH Smith’s online store (powered by Kobo) and typed in “daddy”. You can imagine the results.

In the last two or three days major retailers have responded with almost unprecedented enthusiasm. WH Smith shut down their entire ebook store; Kobo have pulled all self-published titles pending a review of each one, and Amazon have also started taking down books, sending authors cryptic non-compliance notices and allegedly removing copies of those titles from the Kindles of customers who have legitimately paid for them. If you click on the Kobo links for my own titles right now, you’ll find them ‘Not Currently Available’.


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Nanny Doesn’t Always Know Best

Some of you may have seen a (very quiet) announcement in the news that by the end of the year, the majority of British ISPs will block access to pornographic content unless a homeowner opts in to receiving it. There are a multitude of reasons why this is a Very Bad Thing, and why we should all be worried.

1. Who voted for this?

Not me or you, or anyone in fact. This is a deal that has been struck under the table between senior politicians and the ISPs. Commercialism over Democracy. Whatever the measure, whatever the cause, we should all be concerned about sanctioning such methods. Today it’s ISPs being bullied into blocking porn; tomorrow… who knows?

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