So, This Happened…

WHW-ranking-300x182 So, This Happened...


I’m staggered. During my recent promotion, What He Wants rose to #253 in the US Kindle store (didn’t get a screencap of that, dammit, but did get it at #388), and #2 in LGBT books. Thank you to everyone who bought, shared, or reviewed the book during that time. You’re all rockstars!

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2 replies on “So, This Happened…”

  1. yay! So happy your promotion worked out, that is a great result 🙂

    #300 is pretty high! Or low, whatever… fabulous job!

    • Kate Aaron says:

      I think it shows how much our genre has grown in popularity. In April 2012, WHW hit #1 in LGBT books but “only” (heh) reached ~1100 in the US kindle store to get to the top of the genre. A lot has changed in the last 2 years!

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