Puddledown Mysteries Series

Set in small town England in the aftermath of WWII, this series of non-explicit cozy mysteries opens with The Dead Past, Runner Up in the 2014 Rainbow Awards for Best Gay Historical Romance.

DEAD-PAST-cover-200x300 Puddledown Mysteries SeriesThe Dead Past Puddledown Mysteries Book One

21 April 2014 | Novel | 50000 | Historical-MM

Hugo Wainwright has been denying his attraction to men his whole life. When he stumbles over a murdered body in the woods, the ensuing investigation throws him in with Tommy Granger, the police inspector’s prime suspect. Certain of Tommy’s innocence, Hugo vows to clear the name of the man he’s falling for, but Tommy has his own secrets; secrets with deadly consequences.


Ebook available exclusively from Amazon to buy or borrow from the KU library. Also available in paperback.


CW-cover-200x300 Puddledown Mysteries SeriesThe Coward’s Way Puddledown Mysteries Book Two

11 August 2014 | Novella | 45000 | Historical-MM

Hugo Wainwright thought life in Puddledown had returned to normal, following the discovery of a murderer two months ago. Then the Viscount’s daughter goes missing, and more than one person is keeping a close eye on the cabin in the woods. As the net closes, Hugo has a decision to make: will he be brave, or will he take the coward’s way out?


Ebook available exclusively from Amazon to buy or borrow from the KU library. Also available in paperback.



ThePoisonPen_200x300-200x300 Puddledown Mysteries Series

The Poison Pen Puddledown Mysteries, Book Three

05 April 2015 | Novella | 43000 | Historical-MM

There’s a crisis in Puddledown. Weeks before the wedding of Helena Fairfax and Walter Evans, a malicious poison pen writer is wreaking havoc. Closer to home, Hugo Wainwright has his own troubles–Tommy Granger’s family are visiting. When Hugo receives a note, Tommy starts to panic. Can Hugo uncover the author or will the veiled threats of an anonymous stranger drive him and Tommy apart?


Ebook available exclusively from Amazon to buy or borrow from the KU library. Also available in paperback.



Runner-UpSM1 Puddledown Mysteries Series